Lavender is often associated with spring due to its soft pastel shade, evoking feelings of renewal and fresh beginnings. 



 For a spring dress, blue is an excellent choice as it brings calmness, serenity, and freshness. Whether light and airy or bold and striking, blue's versatility makes it a beautiful option.



Yellow is a vibrant and mood-boosting colour suitable all year round. Go for bright or muted hues and embrace the cheerful vibe it brings. Perfect for spring, pair with contrasting nail shades for a standout look.



This is back in fashion, evoking freshness, happiness, and optimism for spring. It pairs well with pastels and neutrals, dressing up or down for any occasion, transforming you into a fresh blossom.

 Pale Peach


This is set to replace hot pink as a trend. This soft and delicate shade complements the romantic mood of cherry blossom season. 

 Pastel Pink


  A green dress captures the essence of spring, symbolizing growth, renewal, and freshness. It's the perfect choice to embrace the season's energy and reflects nature's greenery.



 Make a statement with spring fashion and choose a bold red hue. Prioritizing succulent ruby red adds energy and ensures you stand out. Be bold and vibrant with this attention-grabbing colour choice.

Ruby Red